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Carl Semmelroth Ph.D.



Carl's most precious award is a “Civie” which he received in 2004 from Americans for More Civility for speaking out against violence in sports. His biggest challenge was serving as an expert on child discipline for answering readers’ questions.

He has authored four books on anger published by Sourcebooks. A fifth book, The Compassion Switch, is now out.

Carl has been in full time private practice as a psychologist since 1975. He received his doctorate in psychology from The University of Michigan in 1969. After spending a year as a National Research Council Associate in Washington DC, he joined the psychology faculty at Cleveland State University. He received tenure in 1972 and remained Associate Professor of Psychology at CSU until 1975.

He and his wife, Sara Semmelroth MSW ACSW then moved to Michigan with their five children. There they formed a private mental health practice. Over the years since, he has also taught graduate classes in theories of psychotherapy, developmental psychology, and life long development for The University of Michigan and Western Michigan University.

Carl has worked extensively with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, panic, marital, and post traumatic problems. He has also worked extensively with young people hospitalized with serious psychoses.

His journal publications have been in the areas of perception, language development, mental health worker supervision, university teaching, and classroom management.

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